The very reason why geo-location plays an important role in the world of social media marketing because it is what being said by potential customers about local business. Nowadays, geo-location is an increasingly relevant topic because, as social media usage takes off among small businesses, reportedly they are having a presence on social media according to survey. When businesses listen primarily to the opinions of consumers in their direct marketing areas, they’re better able to streamline their listening strategies and optimize their social media marketing programs. Here are some tools that businesses can use for their geo-target and with their social media strategies:

1. Geo-locate social media postings in real-time

Using the best geo-location tool like Geofeedia, you can make use of it for social media monitoring tool that organizations can use to search by location in real-time. Geofeedia covers a number of social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. It offers custom pricing based on the features that individual organizations need and the number of locations being monitored.

2. Connect with local social media influencers

You can enhance your skills when it comes to social media if you use MarketMeSuite. It is a social media engagement platform for businesses that has set up a real-time search feature that allows users to geo-target their keyword and hashtag searches on Twitter and Facebook. This means businesses can search for keywords related to their industry, posted by users in their towns.

3. Monitor the conversations happening on your city streets

You can do this when you learn the basics and the usage of WeLink. It lets users drill down beyond cities and zip codes, to track the conversations happening between social media users on specific city streets. Businesses can pull out the most relevant content being posted by social influencers in their areas, and engage those users with targeted offers or incentives.

4. Filter social media searches by distance

This is really important for businesses that are relying on the effectiveness of social media. They can use the power of Hootsuite. It offers a geo-located search tool for businesses that are interested in engaging with potential customers who’ve indicated an interest in their specific industries or products. Hootsuite says its geo-located filtering feature helps businesses save time and improves the effectiveness of their local outreach efforts.

5. Understand the topics of your local consumers that are talking about

Finally, we introduce to you Sysomos. This is a social media listening tools make it possible for businesses to dig into the digital content being posted by “influential” consumers in specific cities. Businesses can find out which topics, products, or brands their customers are most interested in and they can develop marketing campaigns or special offers based around these topics. Aside from that, Sysomos offers software licenses on a monthly subscription fee for businesses that are on a tight budget this time around. This one searches through the content being posted on blogs and forums, along with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you want to learn more about geo-locating social media posts and other tools to use, leave your comment below and we’ll get back to you next topic!