The ULTIMATE Internet Marketing Strategy

  1. Make audience-relevant content

Ever heard of this common phrase that a happy customer will always come back? That’s exactly what happens to your site if you provide audience relevant content. Sites that provide the content their users want always experience user retention as well as user-user referrals. On the other hand, if your site does well in creating sketchy content that hardly address the needs of the audience, it will experience a mass decline in the number of visitors visiting the site. Always remember this, visitors only come to your site to address their interests; if you sufficiently address their content interests, they will accord you their audience for marketing.

2. Provide the best possible user-experience

No one would wish to visit a website/blog full of frustrations. Some of these frustrations may be as a result of poor website design, or simply, negligence. If you visit some of the sites doing online marketing but are still struggling, you will understand what I mean; in some, the ads overlap the main content, while in others the links are poorly organized or not working. Ensure your site design allows for ease of navigation, relatively acceptable color schemes, users have the ability to limit the ads they can see, ads do not cover the page content, gives the user the ability to zoom-in or out the page content, among many more aspects that may negatively affect the user-experience.

3. Keep your content up-to-date

As you seek to continue enjoying the backing of your audience, you’ll also need to keep giving them an up-to date content or information. Do not keep recycling your content, let your audience have a reason to come back to your site. Put yourself in your site visitor’s shoe, would you visit a site that does not update its content regularly?

4. Engage you audience

Every website visitor would like to be recognized; they would like to feel as part of the site and not just guests who have no voice. Providing an engagement segment on your site gives your audience to vent their frustrations and opinion. These user feedbacks can help you improve on the user-experience and general site to reflect the needs of your audience. As part of engaging your audience, collect feedbacks on their take on any addition/improvement you make to the site, and act on their recommendations.

5. Make your site mobile friendly and responsive

For your site to continue enjoying the current following it is enjoying, make life easy for anyone trying to access your site or content. Do not limit access to only certain types of devices; make it compatible for access from any device, whether mobile or not. Your site should be responsive.

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